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  1. Applicant Electronic Signature*

    I hereby certify that the information provided and the documents submitted are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that by submitting this request, I am doing so with the knowledge and consent of the property owner(s). I understand that this proposal may be delayed in processing if the information provided is incomplete, inaccurate or submitted after the submittal deadline.

  2. County*

  3. Historic District*

    Signs within the Plaza de Española and the Santa Cruz Plaza Historic District require review and approval by the Planning and Land Use Commission before a permit can be issued.

  4. Same As Applicant

  5. Property Owner Electronic Signature*

    I hereby certify that I am the lawful owner of the parcel of land which this application concerns and consent to this action. I hereby permit the City of Española officials to enter upon the property for the purposes of inspection relating to this application.

  6. Copy of Current City of Espanola Business Registration*

  7. Building Permit issued by Construction Industries Division*

  8. Description - Signage Placement

    A description or sketch of the proposed site of the proposed signage, showing its position upon the lot, building or structure in relation to identified adjacent lots, buildings, or structures, and public right-of-ways, and any existing signage thereat.

  9. Description - Signage & Attachment*

    A sketch or digital rendering, or a digital photo of the proposed signage itself clearly displaying its graphic and lettering content, its overall dimensions, the manner and materials of its constructions, and the proposed method of attachment to the building or structure, or the ground, where it will be situated.

  10. Sign Number 1*

  11. Sign Type*

  12. If you selected other, please define the sign type.

  13. Use format: Length x Width = Square Footage

  14. Will this sign be illuminated?*

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