Announcements & Initiatives

What's This About
On April 20th, the City mailed nearly 1,300 letters (letter here) to Española residents.  This serves as an initiative to address the high volume of property maintenance issues the City is experiencing.  This is only an informative letter, encouraging residents to assess their properties , with the reference images provided, and determine if they are unknowingly in violation of property maintenance and/or nuisance violations.  Citizens are asked to help improve the quality of life within our community by fixing any and all issues by July 15th.

Q:  I received this letter, now what?

A:  Use the reference images to determine if your property may be in violation.  If so, all violations and property maintenance issues should be handled by July 15th.  If your property does not reflect any of the images provided.  Then we thank you for your time, and please disregard.

Q: What if I am unable to resolve these issues by July 15th?
A:  Our goal is compliance, not punishment.  If you have circumstances that keep you from addressing any violations, you are encouraged to contact the Code Enforcement Officer so that arrangements can be made to assist you with this effort.