Current Development Proposals


Subdivision Plat Review #2018-22
Food Services Concepts, Inc., applicant , is requesting the division of UPC 1-047-121-260-326 on N. Riverside Drive.  The lot is 2.877 acres, and the applicant is requesting permission to create three new lots - 1.239 acres, .851 acres, and .557 acres - and dedicate .221 acres as right of way to Thorton Lane.

Commercial Site Plan Review #2019-01

Food Services Concepts, Inc., applicant, is requesting a Commercial Site Plan Review for two new businesses at UPC # 1-047-121-260-326.  The first proposed business is to be a 2,418 square foot Del Taco with a drive-thru, and will be located in the northwest corner of the property.  The second proposed business is a 4,503 square foot Denny's to be located in the southwest corner of the property.  The property is zoned B-2, General Commercial.


Special Use Permit #2019-02

Don Edward Hunter, applicant, is requesting permission from the Planning Commission for a Special Use Permit to operate a business on his property, 1621 N. McCurdy Rd., located in the R-6, Urban Residential zoning district. The applicant would like to operate a powder coating business from the accessory structure on the southwestern corner of the property. This accessory structure was approved by the Planning Commission on January 11, 2018.

2018 Planning Commission Public Hearings & Outcomes