Current Development Proposals


Historic District Review #2018-09

The Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center (NMRAC), applicant, is requesting permission to install a mosaic on their building at 702 E Bond Street.  The subject property is in the Plaza de Española Historic District.  The mosaic will be a nine-foot diameter, ceramic tile mandala, created by local artist Sabra Moore and community members.

Variance Request Review #2018-10

Ronald Salazar, applicant is requesting a variance to place an accessory structure on his property at 822 Vista Pointe Ct. The subject property is zoned R6-PUD and is part of the Vista del Rio subdivision. The accessory structure will be approximately three feet (3’) from the applicant’s rear property line, and this R6-PUD has a minimum setback requirement of ten feet (10’).

Variance Request #2018-11

Ernest Garcia, applicant, is requesting a variance to divide his property at 1004 A-D Calle Vigil into two (2) separate lots. The subject property is zoned R-6, Urban Residential. As a result of the division, at least one of the lots will not meet the 75’ minimum-width requirement for a lot in the R-6 zoning district.

Variance Request #2018-12

Paul Garcia, applicant, is requesting a variance to place a mobile home on his property at 215 Lower San Pedro Rd. The subject property is zoned partly R-6, Urban Residential and partly B-2, General Commercial District. There is already four (4) duplexes and two (2) site-built dwelling units on the subject property; the R-6 zoning district only allows for one dwelling unit per lot, and the B-2 zoning district does not permit mobile homes.

2018 Planning Commission Public Hearings & Outcomes