Planning & Land Use Permits/Fees

Permit Fees are listed in accordance with Municipal Code, Chapter 171: Development Permits & Fees, Section 12, Fee Schedule
Permit Applications & Forms
Reference Information
Address Verification Form
Site Development Application Permit
Site Development Requirement Table
Planning Commission Application

Development Review Criteria
Rezone Requests
Residential Development Permit
Commercial Development Permit
Special Exception
Variance Request
Sign Permit Application
$5 per square foot of signage
Permitted Signs: Type & District Table
Survey Plat Review Application: $10  
Subdivisions: Alternate Summary Procedures
Subdivisions: Family Transfers
$100/ per lot
Subdivisions: Lot Splits (up to four lots)
$100/ per lot
Preliminary Plat
$50/ lot up to 20 lots, plus $25/lot after 20 lots
Final Plat
$50/ lot up to 20 lots, plus $25/lot after 20 lots
Vendor Permit:

Produce, nuts, herbs, honey etc.
No Cost
Residential District Yard/Garage Sale
No Cost
Commercial District Vending
$15 per day